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Organic Agriculture is a community based Agricultural Project of Indra Foundation to support the practice of Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture development in Nepal. In this Project, we work together with the villagers to encourage them for implementing Eco- Farming methodology and educating them about the advantages of Organic Farming and its benefits to their community. Also, our model through this project is to develop village as a center for organic farming hub and then transforming them later as eco-villages.

So far, in Nepal many farmers in the villages are using harmful pesticides and medicines for agricultural farming purpose knowingly / unknowingly but out aim through this project is to reach out to those farmers in the village and make them aware about the environmental and ecological effects of the harmful chemical and pesticides being used in the farm as medicines! We would like to help them slightly transform back again in Organic Farming and sustainable agriculture, benefitting themselves and their community.

What we do through Organic Agriculture Project?

  • Promote Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture Development in Nepal.
  • Research and Develop Eco- Village model and help implementing it to the Villages in Nepal.
  • Promote Eco-Tourism, Agro- Tourism in Villages and inspire villagers for their Livelihood.
  • Campaign for educating the advantages of Organic Farming among the villagers in Nepal.
  • Mobilize national / international volunteers to promote Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Organic Farming in Nepal.
  • Help Villagers in Market Research & Marketing for the Organic products produced in the village.
  • Organize various seminars and provide trainings for villagers to implement organic farming.

How local communities are Benefitting from this Project?

Since this Organic Agriculture Project of Indra Foundation is grassroots level community based development projects, so most of its beneficiaries are local community people directly. From this project we hope that many villagers will have livelihood opportunities through Organic farming brining many new income generating opportunities for local people, it helps to improve local people's health conditions as well as it will have a very important role on environmental and ecological impact, which will be a great benefits for the local community!

How can you help us?

You can help us in various ways;
  • like visiting our Organic Village as tourist
  • work together with us as a partner
  • work as volunteer / intern in our Organic Village projects
  • donating us or spreading the words for our work in Nepal

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact Us.

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