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Emergency Relief Aid Project of Indra Foundation is a Humanitarian aid programs to support people who are in need of emergency help after different kinds of natural disasters like Earthquake, Flooding, Landslide, Fire etc. Through this project, Indra Foundation is always delighted to share the warmth of love with caring those local communities being affected by such hard-hitting natural disasters; we would like to help by providing emergency relief aid such as foods, drinking water, shelters, clothing, medical care etc.

Indra Foundation is always ready to help providing Emergency Relief Aid to the people all over in Nepal, where the communities need our help; with its maximum possible resources and manpower available to support people and save their life! It will be a great pleasure for Indra Foundation to provide Humanitarian help in case of every emergency whereas possible; we will support communities with our open heart to care and share the love from Indra Foundation ensuring that Indra for everyone!

What we do through Emergency Relief Aid Project?

  • Provide Emergency Relief aid such as foods, drinking water, shelters, clothing, medical care etc. during the time of natural disasters.
  • Work together with local communities in time of natural disaster to deliver effective humanitarian help to people locally.
  • Mobilize Volunteers to support people locally during the time of natural disaster.
  • Organize Medical camps for providing Healthcare & Sanitation support to disaster affected people and communities.

What we are doing to Support this Project?

  • Helping earthquake affected communities and Relief work in Nepal.
  • Flooding and Landslides relief work in different parts of Nepal.
  • Distributing winter clothes for extreme cold in winter to prevent very poor people and children.
  • Indra Ambulance Service (Future Program).

How local communities are Benefitting from this Project?

When people are in need of emergency relief after various natural disasters then Indra Foundation tries to reach offering Humanitarian Help to local communities, we are saving their life and helping them to transform their life to normal life back again from the disasters… we hope that it is a great benefit for any community. A help in the time of dire emergency need is always a great help for community and its people!

How can you help us?

You can help us in various ways;
  • providing relief aid and materials
  • work together with us as a partner
  • work as volunteer in during the Emergency after natural disasters
  • donating us or spreading the words for our work in Nepal

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact Us.

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