Rural Microfinance Project aims to support small scale business, providing small amount of Micro-credit loan to rural village women group and help financing their projects in order to help them for self-sustainable growth! Our aim through this project is to support identifying the grassroots level people group to achieve economic development through small scale business, agricultural programs, livestock etc. Microfinance has been helping many of small scale entrepreneurs to gain certain financial freedom and earn livelihood; creating many local income generating opportunities in the rural communities.

Indra Foundation is always dedicated for result oriented and impact basis rural community benefitting micro-credit investment for financing high scope small scale business, which can later transform the self-help group and communities towards where the visible progress of economic development can be ensured. We believe that Microfinance has a great role in sustainable economic development, it's not only about the investment in the projects but also in order to achieve the desired success through microfinance we need to provide necessary trainings & skills for the one whom we invest; then only Microfinance can deliver the positive vibes of Change!

What we do through Rural Microfinance Project?

  • Provide Small scale Micro-credit loans and help financing Micro Business.
  • Research Impact and Opportunities of Rural Microfinance in Nepal Villages.
  • Develop Village based microfinance module to help organic farming, eco-tourism, homestay tourism and many more other opportunity areas.
  • Provide skill development trainings to support better Microfinance results.
  • Market research and enterprise development for Micro-Lenders.
  • Partner & work together with local community development initiatives for Microfinance development in the area.
  • Research the possibility and help implementing Rural Microfinance for Tourism development & Eco village module.
  • Mobilize national & international volunteers to promote rural microfinance.

How local communities are Benefitting from this Project?

Indra Foundation's Rural Microfinance Project has been helping many rural local communities in Nepal for achieving sustainable economic development through various small scale business opportunities. This is helping to benefit communities for creating many self-help local income generating opportunities with local employment, also has been a great platform for sharing the knowledge and ideas in between women groups, more and more microfinance has been helping greatly to change the life in Village!

How can you help us?

You can help us in various ways;
  • like financing our projects
  • work together with us as a partner
  • work as volunteer / intern in our Rural Microfinance Projects
  • donating us or spreading the words for our work in Nepal

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact Us.

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