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Community Development Projects in Nepal

Indra Foundation runs various projects mainly focusing on three target groups i.e. Children, Women and Community. Our projects are designed to meet the actual needs of our target groups, where we expect to see the visible progress of implemented projects which can be evaluated and monitored by different governing bodies of Nepal government. Another important factor to measure our success is through the effectiveness of our projects on grassroots level and transparency of the projects where every donor individuals and agencies can trust our accountability.

Indra Foundation Focus Group


Indra Foundation gives top priority for helping Children, ensuring their Education development and Health care programs.


Women are integral part of community development so, we focus on women empowerment and entrepreneurship Development Programs.


For caring community, Indra Foundation works on Emergency Relief Aid and Tourism Developments programs.

Indra Foundation Projects in Action

Education & Health Support Program

Indra Foundation identifies one of the most needed programs for rural Nepal villages are Education & Health Support Programs. We run several projects children education development and Health support projects in Nepal.

Empowerment & Livelihood Program

Indra Foundation believes that, still there are many villages in Nepal where people are in search of the ways for their empowerment so that can help to improve their livelihood and change their day to day life style.

Tourism Development Program

Indra Foundation designed this project in order to help communities to promote their tourism, heritage, cultures and cousins among the tourists through which they can understand how tourism can help community develop process.

Emergency Relief Aid Program

Indra Foundation aims to be always with communities helping them; we designed this project to provide emergency relief aid in emergency situation of Natural Disasters like Earthquake, Flooding, Landslide, Fire and extreme winter etc.

Running Projects of Indra Foundation