Volunteer Abroad Programs in Nepal

Are you looking to Volunteer in Nepal for making a real difference in life! If yes, then please be a part of Indra Foundation; a responsible volunteer organization in Nepal which has been running various community based development projects in Nepal. So, when you Volunteer in Nepal with Indra Foundation, you are making an impact helping the communities in Nepal directly! When you work in Nepal with any of Indra Foundation Projects, it’s a great opportunity to make a real difference for you in your life!

Indra Foundation offers all year round volunteer in Nepal programs into various interesting volunteering programs like teaching English, orphanage volunteering, construction projects, health care and medical volunteering in Nepal etc. All our volunteer programs are carefully designed to meet your interest and travel needs; for you to make an impact through our volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Indra Foundation is always committed for your safety ensuring a memorable trip to Nepal making it a journey of once in a lifetime for you!

Our Volunteer Programs in Nepal

Why to Volunteer in Nepal?

If you desire to find the perfect combination of nature, culture and adventure in a single trip then volunteer in Nepal, you will find all of these experiences at once in a single volunteer trip to Nepal! As you know that Nepal is widely recognized for having Mt. Everest, so the mountains are the great attractions for anyone visiting Nepal! Trekking in the Himalayas, Wildlife safaris are other attractions!

Apart from beautiful nature and great adventures, culture is another wonderful experience in anyone who comes to volunteer Nepal. A single word “Namaste” (Nepali Greeting word) can give you the best ever welcoming experience visiting any Nepali people or Family. When you come volunteering Nepal and spend sometimes travelling Nepal villages then you will automatically start feeling immersing yourself into the cultures of Nepal!