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Indra Foundation initiated Women Empowerment Project to address the issues of socio-economic development of women in rural areas especially focusing the women group who are limiting themselves from the boundless opportunities in today's modern society! Indra Foundation wants to promote the public awareness of socio-economic development opportunities among the women group of developing villages of Nepal by empowering local women group to improve their economic conditions and livelihood through enhancing their entrepreneurial skills and capacity for local income generating and employment opportunities.

Indra Foundation would like implement various strategic approaches for sustainable women development in Nepal through this Women Empowerment Project. We hope that our project will help many local women to develop new entrepreneurship skills, small scale enterprise development, better understand women issues and their rights in the community and many concerning factors for women's role in the entire community development process. Also, we would like to help women in villages by providing necessary life skills trainings, micro-credit loans for small scale investment and various other help to make them self-sustainable.

What we do through Women Empowerment Project?

  • Address the issues of Socio-economic development of women in rural communities.
  • Help to enhance entrepreneurship skills and Capacity building of local women group.
  • Provide various life skills trainings and microfinance opportunities for small business for women group in rural villages.
  • Awareness program for women issues and women's right through women participation.
  • Encourage local women group for organic farming, ecotourism, homestay tourism, agro tourism in their local villages.
  • Inspire women for earning livelihood through local income generating programs and employment opportunities within their village.
  • Help women for livestock development, fish farming and agriculture programs like vegetable farming, tea garden etc.
  • Mobilize national & international volunteer / interns for helping women group in Villages.
  • Create a platform for local women group to share ideas and success stories so they can inspire others to take part in such empowerment project.

How local communities are Benefitting from this Project?

Women are self-sustainable and helping their family and communities. Women Empowerment & Livelihood Program.
  • Income Generation / Small Scale Business / Microfinance Program
  • Agriculture Program / Organic Farming
  • Tea Farming Program - Indra Tea
  • Buy Nepali Tea and Handicrafts products.

How can you help us?

You can help us in various ways;
  • like financing our projects to help local women group
  • work together with us as a partner
  • work as volunteer / intern in our Women Empowerment Projects
  • donating us or spreading the words for our work in Nepal

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact Us.

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