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Nepal, being a developing country; the government is struggling for strengthening the quality education & Health care facilities in Nepal. In that also rural communities are far behind from the access of educational opportunities and necessary heath care facilities. Realizing the dire needs of lack of access in education and health care facilities in rural areas of Nepal, Indra foundation initiated Education & Health Project to address the issues and help the local communities to have better education opportunities and health care facilities available in the villages locally.

Indra Foundation aims to support people locally at grassroots level to have better education opportunities and health care facilities, coordinating with all concerned and like-minded stakeholders of education & health care development in Nepal. We would like to mobilize every possible resource that we can have locally for developing education and health facilities in villages, and create a network for sustainable development. We believe that, without development of education and health care facilities it's difficult to think other community development program as it is the very basic needs of every citizen and hence Indra Foundation is taking this initiative.

What we do through Education & Health Project?

  • Work in Rural village areas to develop education and health care facilities.
  • Help in infrastructure development like building schools, health care centers, school library, community learning centers etc.
  • Clean drinking water projects and Toilets for villager's health & Sanitation program.
  • Strengthen network for developing access in rural education and health care.
  • Work with stakeholders to support rural education and heath development initiatives.
  • Mobilize local & international volunteers to create education & Health awareness in the local villages.
  • Provide Scholarships & Sponsorship opportunities for the village Children.
  • Organize Medical camps and awareness program to support health care in Villages.

How local communities are Benefitting from this Project?

Education & Health Project of Indra Foundation is community based grassroots level project, which has been helping many local people and children to get direct benefits of access in education opportunities and proper health care facilities in their own local villages. The lifelong gift of education to the children and health program has been ultimately contributing significantly towards sustainable community development initiatives!

How can you help us?

You can help us in various ways;
  • like Sponsoring our projects
  • work together with us as a partner
  • work as volunteer / intern in our Education & Health Projects
  • donating us or spreading the words for our work in Nepal

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact Us.

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