International Internship Abroad Programs in Nepal

If you are a college student or a graduate willing to intern abroad for gaining professional work experience then, join our professional internship in Nepal. We have wide ranges of internship opportunities in Nepal, where you can choose from our diverse internship programs. Duration wise, we offer various internship in Nepal opportunities ranging from 2 weeks programs to 8 weeks longer duration programs normally but if you require longer duration programs, we can customise the programs and also we have very flexible programs dates, you can pick any date of your desired program date!

Program wise, we can give you internship placement in areas like Tea Research Internship in Nepal to learn how the teas in Himalayas are blended, Microfinance Internships to experience microfinance opportunities in Nepal, journalism and media internships, hospitality and tourism internships and various other internships opportunities in Nepal. Our Internship programs in Nepal are not only for graduates but also it is equally helpful college / university students to gain further knowledge and work experiences through the field work to enhance their knowledge practically or for a formal credit requirement for your college / university studies.

Our Internship Programs in Nepal

Unique Inter-cultural Travel Experiences in Nepal

While doing internship in Nepal, you will have lots of opportunities to travel and meet local people; which itself will be an open ground for learning things practically! Not only that, this will be equally an important opportunity for you to experience true cultures of local communities and enjoy the very warm welcoming hospitality of local people being with Nepali host family!

We invite you to join our Internship in Nepal for sharpening your skills in your chosen subject area’s internship programs! Also, be a part of our programs to explore Nepal and its cultures travelling and meeting peoples in local communities; enjoying the vibrant cultures of Nepal. We are always committed for providing you very safe, reliable and meaningful programs to develop your professional career.