Women Empowerment Volunteer in Nepal

Indra Foundation

Women Empowerment volunteering program in Nepal is a very meaningful volunteering project to work with various women empowerment projects in Nepal. Women Empowerment Project is a social project of Indra Foundation to help rural grassroots level women groups in Nepal to help generate more local employment opportunities and income generating opportunities. Through this project, we aim to help local women in rural villages to promote their skills for producing local / handmade products to bring some socio-economic changes in the individual family and their respective community.

In our women empowerment volunteer program in Nepal, we aim to give you the real experience of how women in Nepal are struggling for their basic to basic rights, information on women issues on socio-cultural and economic development and the role ahead for the sustainable women development through women empowerment approach. Also, in this program you will be able to learn many interesting women issues and know success stories of Nepalsese women and be inspired to challenge yourself to take the lead of initiatives for women empowerment!

Indra Foundation

As a volunteer in this program, your activities will be:

  • Developing the new women empowerment project to help in socio-economic development, income generation and employment opportunities for women group.
  • Helping to develop marketing plans / strategies for women group produced products and study the markets to help those women groups.
  • Working with NGOs focusing their program on women empowerment & development in rural communities in Nepal.
  • Studying various issues about women empowerment & development.
  • Learning the process of women socio-economic & entrepreneurship development.
  • Conduct various researches in women empowerment, their issues and development.
  • Going on field visit to meet local women, identify women issues & hear their success stories.
Fast Facts about the Program:
Program Duration: 2 weeks - 12 weeks.
Accommodation and Meals: You will be staying with local host families & will be provided 3 meals a day according to Nepali menu.
Working Time: Flexible; 6 - 8 hours a day / 5 - 6 days in a week, all other time is free.
Training & Support: In-country orientation, Pre-departure helpdesk, Local in-country team and 24hr emergency support & services are provided.
If you like to work in women empowerment issues, meet many inspiring Nepalese women, inspire yourself and impact the women groups in Nepal through our women empowerment volunteer program then, this is the right program for you!

Please always feel free to contact us for more information about the program.