[Remote] Tourism Development Internship

Indra Foundation

Program Highlights:

  • Gain practical tourism work experience working in a Travel & Tourism Company.
  • Get involved in various tasks related to Tourism Marketing and Tourism Development.
  • Work with a dedicated Supervisor to guide you for professional work experience.
  • Make an impact in helping rural communities through Tourism Development.
  • Inspire yourself through empowering others and making an impact.

Internship Details:

We started offering our virtual / remote Tourism Development internship in Nepal to give you the opportunity to further your knowledge of tourism development, and hence to increase your potential for entering the rapidly growing international travel and tourism market worldwide. We also aim for the program to assist you to obtain practical experience in the international field of Travel & Tourism to learn more about the different management skills in sustainable tourism development practices.

In this program we will give you a placement in Nepal based touring agencies and travel companies. Tasks for interns may include assisting travel companies in areas like marketing, business management, tour consulting and other work as per the need of the company. Intern with a tour operator, travel agent, or other agencies devoted to promoting the travel and tourism market in Nepal. Gain great practical work experience working within what are typically smaller companies, giving you greater exposure to many aspects of business in the field for your future career in the tourism Sector.

As an intern in our virtual / remote Tourism Development Internship Program, you will be:

  • Working in Nepal based Travel & Tourism companies.
  • Developing basic business planning and identifying innovative marketing opportunities.
  • Conducting market research on business opportunities for companies.
  • Assisting with overall strategy and business analysis.
  • Involved in Sales and Marketing / Promotion / Public relations, Client Relations and many more aspects.
  • Writing engaging content for website updates, blogs and newsletters.

Learning Outcomes form the Programs:

  • Enhance your understanding of business tourism and sustainable tourism.
  • Learn about the method of sustainable tourism development and its impact on rural communities.
  • Gain practical work experience working with tourism entrepreneurs.
  • Learn the process of Travel & Tourism Operation and its modality.
  • Be inspired to join in the booming tourism Industry.
Skills & Requirements:
Relevant academic background.
Fluency in written and spoken English
Strong communications skills
An ability to meet deadlines
An interest in Social Work / Social Issues
Ability to work well independently
The program includes:
Customized internship placement in your desired program with flexible duration, start dates and weekly hours.
Welcome orientation and cultural immersion programs.
Internship placement focused on professional career development and skill competencies.
Individual program guidance, internship monitoring and check-ins.
Certificate and Reference letter upon completion of your internship program.

Please always feel free to contact us for more information about the program.