[Remote] Ecotourism Internship

Indra Foundation

Program Highlights:

  • Gain Practical work experience in Ecotourism, working virtually!
  • Get involved in various tasks related to Ecotourism development Projects.
  • Work with a dedicated Supervisor to guide you for Professional Work experiences.
  • Make an Impact for helping the rural communities to uplift their livelihoods!
  • Empower others to Inspire Yourself and make Impact!

Internship Details:

Our virtual / remote Ecotourism internship program is an internship program designed for those who are willing to seek their future career in the world's booming Ecotourism industry. Through this virtual / remote ecotourism internship program we aim to give participants a very practical & professional experience of ecotourism development procedure and ethics, where you will be able to learn the core process of operating eco-friendly and ethical tourism. Not only that, this will be a great opportunity for you to help rural communities in Nepal to promote some of the unique and promising ecotourism destinations in Nepal!

During your virtual / remote ecotourism internship program, your placements will be mainly with eco-friendly Tours & Travel Company, Home stay, Eco-Tourism NGOs and your work there will be to help preparing and developing tours / travel packages, help in sales and marketing, destination research and promotions, and provide business analysis for operating eco-tours and ecotourism in Nepal in coordination with local eco-tourism offices, tour operators / companies etc. Overall, this is an exciting internship program where you will gain hands-on experience and intercultural immersion working virtually!

As an intern in our virtual / remote Ecotourism Internship Program, you will be:

  • Working with local nature groups / eco tours company / ecotourism NGOs.
  • Working to research, analyze and identify the opportunities and challenges of ecotourism.
  • Conducting research for ecotourism development in sales, marketing, and destinations promotions.
  • Learning the process of operating sustainable eco-friendly and ethical tourism.
  • Helping to prepare & develop eco-tours / travel packages working with local tour operators / companies.
  • Researching the impact of ecotourism development for socio economic development.
  • Conduct various researches in wildlife, biodiversity, and wetland & eco - tourism issues.

Learning Outcomes form the Programs:

  • Enhance your understanding of Ecotourism issues and opportunity in developing countries.
  • Learn the impact of ecotourism development in creating sustainable livelihoods in rural communities in developing countries.
  • Gain practical work experience in sustainable ecotourism development.
  • Learn the process of ecotourism, eco friendly tours and its modality.
  • Inspire yourself to work in ecotourism sectors.
Skills & Requirements:
Relevant academic background.
Fluency in written and spoken English
Strong communications skills
An ability to meet deadlines
An interest in Social Work / Social Issues
Ability to work well independently
The program includes:
Customized internship placement in your desired program with flexible duration, start dates and weekly hours.
Welcome orientation and cultural immersion programs.
Internship placement focused on professional career development and skill competencies.
Individual program guidance, internship monitoring and check-ins.
Certificate and Reference letter upon completion of your internship program.

Please always feel free to contact us for more information about the program.