Commuinty Tourism Volunteer in Nepal

Indra Foundation

Community tourism volunteer project in Nepal is developed to give you volunteer experiences in community based tourism projects in Nepal. The objective of this project is to support local communities in Nepal to make socio-economically self sustainable through promoting various community based tourism development programs and activities. We hope that this project will significantly contribute to benefiting the local livelihood development and for the participants to experience the real & rural Nepal making a positive impact to the people of rural communities in Nepal!

Also, as a volunteer in the Community Tourism Project you will have the opportunity to explore the vast eco-cultural diversity of Nepal to develop you deeper perspectives of multidimensional community tourism development initiatives in Nepal and help further progressing the path of rural tourism development in Nepal. You will be working with the local community to design, implement and promote the Community based tourism project that is feasible and viable for the sustainable development in Nepal. We are here to give you the best experience of the development and the expansion of the rural community tourism sector in Nepal.

Indra Foundation

As a volunteer in this program, your activities will be:

  • Working on developing the new community tourism projects in Nepal.
  • Preparing the plans for short term and long term tourism development and management strategic plan.
  • Working on community based tourism product development, promotion and management.
  • Research the viability and and doing the feasibility study of community tourism development in Nepal.
  • Designing and implementing the concept of community based eco-tourism and cultural tourism programs in Nepal.
  • Preparing a tourism promotion and marketing strategic plan for community tourism projects in Nepal.
Fast Facts about the Program:
Program Duration: 2 weeks - 12 weeks.
Accommodation and Meals: You will be staying with local host families & will be provided 3 meals a day according to Nepali menu.
Working Time: Flexible; 6 - 8 hours a day / 5 - 6 days in a week, all other time is free.
Training & Support: In-country orientation, Pre-departure helpdesk, Local in-country team and 24hr emergency support & services are provided.
If you are interested working in community based tourism projects in Nepal and helping the local communities in Nepal then this program is highly recommended for you! Explore the real and rural Nepal impacting the communities!

Please always feel free to contact us for more information about the program.